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Our Founding Principles

1.  To Uplift the Public Image of Professional Psychics

We seek to uplift the public image of the profession of psychic counseling, and bring the field the professional credibility that it deserves.

Distinction through Ethics, Professionalism, and Credibility 

We seek to provide professional psychic counselors the means of distinguishing themselves through their high ethical standards and proven credibility.  Professional Psychics may apply for Certification through the Association.  Certification as a Certified Psychic® is granted through a process of review by your peers. 

To provide positive press and publicity for Certified Psychics®

We seek to provide positive press and publicity for Certified Psychics® who desire to reach a broader audience for their work.  We circulate news and press releases on behalf of our Certified Psychics® when appropriate. We are often called upon to provide psychics for television and radio appearances. 

To provide assurance that Certified Psychics® are authentic, ethical and professional.

We provide Certified Psychics® the opportunity to participate in a nationally advertised Telephone counseling Service, which allows them to make their services available to the American public on a daily basis, while augmenting their income. We also provide free referrals to Certified Psychics® when we are contacted by a client in their immediate vicinity seeking a qualified psychic counselor. 

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