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Prayer and Healing Circle: Submit your Request

Psychic Healing: Join Our Prayer and Healing Circle. Distant Healing, Spritual Healing. Psychic Healers Join Us Here
We believe all prayers are answered, even though you may not always recognize it as so.

Know and trust there is a Higher Power working for you and through you for your best interests. Feel free to ask for prayers for loved ones. Spread the power of prayer around to all you know. It cannot be abused!

Before submitting your prayer request, take a moment to clear your mind and body of any stress or negativity you may be feeling. Sit quietly and when ready, gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment, then gently exhale, allowing all tension to leave your body and mind. Repeat this a few times if you like.

Take a few moments to think about what you wish to pray for. Be very clear about what you desire. Form a clear statement with the phrase "This or something better for the Highest and Best for all concerned." With eyes still closed, set aside your thoughts, and in your mind's eye, picture the warmth of the Light of the Divine showering down upon you.

Feel the warmth of His Love surround you, protecting you in all you do. Know that you are and always have been, one with the Divine, the Source of all Life, the unceasing Creative Power always expressing Itself through you and all that is, at all times.

Whether it's your emotional life, your body, your finances, or your relationships or your work that is ready for transformation doesn't matter; the Divine knows what to do and how to do it in you, through you and as you. Awaken to the powerful force of life that's surging through you now, and welcome the change with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart, for it is very good. Feel the warmth of this Love in your heart and send a prayer of gratitude to The Divine for the Blessings you now have in your life and for those you are about to receive.

And so it is. Please give a brief description of the reason you are requesting a prayer or request for psychic healing.

Join us in our Prayer and Healing Circle.

Please submit this form with your request to be included in our prayer circle.

Psychic Healing: Join Our Prayer and Healing Circle. Distant Healing, Spritual Healing. Psychic Healers Join Us Here
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*** A general location is requested, so that we can make a distinction between indiviuals of the same name, for exmple: "Mary from Arizona" , "Mary in Wasington, D.C."