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Richard, EXT 7242

Richard, EXT 7242
Richard is, by far - FAR! one of the best psychics that I've spoken to in my whole life.
I'd like to extend my appreciation to him for using his astounding gift to penetrate straight to the truth/core of the matter that concerned me and for imparting some very wise and practical insights to make my life better.
Thank you so very much, Richard.


Richard - Clairvoyant Psychic

Richard is a gifted and truly caring clairvoyant.

"I feel that I receive as much as I give in being able to guide and advise others on their personal and spiritual path. It is so rewarding to follow another's growth, share their burdens, and celebrate their triumphs..." Richard 7242

Richard began giving readings as a teenager when his Grandmother gave him his first set of Rune Stones over 40 years ago, and so a life-long journey of research and study began. For many years he lived abroad and pursed intensive instruction in a myriad of esoteric schools of thought, rites and doctrines. He studied in Greece, Scotland, Japan, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

Richard's readings reflect his knowledge and deep insight into human nature ~ he speaks with the confidence his years of experience and wisdom have brought - his readings are tempered with his wonderful sense of humor, warm kindness and his intense love for assisting those who seek his council. His readings are accurate, direct and honest.

Very proficient with his interpretations of the symbols of the Rune Stones and the ancient Tarot, Richard uses his gift of clairvoyance to help his clients on all areas of concern, from the complexities of interpersonal relationships to delicate career decisions.

He is also an adept dream interpreter and has had much success with finding lost objects.

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