Astoundingly Accurate, according to Interview Magazine.

Lisa described in detail my recent events, such as a robbery in my home, my move, even family situations.
She jumped right into it, no hesitating, no nonsense, and gave vital information.
Couldn't be better!
J. S., California

Lisa - Psychic Astrologer

Take charge of your life - right action at the right time.

Interview Magazine calls her 'astoundingly accurate.'

Lisa is a clairvoyant and astrologer who believes that self-effort can overcome destiny when one takes right action at the right time.

She applies a spiritual approach to her work, emphasizing the individual's ability to shape his or her own future. She blends prediction with practicality. Her goal is to assist her clients in creating the life they desire.

Lisa has written horoscope columns for several magazines and websites, including

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